Gumang Temple located at Bugbug Village we take only 10 minute from Candidasa to Sang hyang ambu. From sang hyang ambu we take about 45 minute to trek to Gumang temple, on the way of course we see a lot of monkey but it not aggresif dont be afraid, small statue we have on the way to the temple my call TAKSU we can bring flower and doing puja in TAKSU offering get safety. we have hill view during a trek to gumang temple. local people they call this temple is Bukit Juru it meam from the top of the gat Gumang Temple, we see pas in the midle of mount Agung (higth mountain in Bali). When we want to see sunrice at gumang temple we leave at 5am from Candidasa area it very good see sunrice from gumang temple we can see ocean, Nusa Penida Island and Lombok Island from there.