Lempuyang temple is part of 3 temples of the most important in Bali, which consists of the Besakih temple, Lempuyang temple and Bat Cave temples, where Balinese people call tri kahyangan of Bali (tri importhan temple in Bali). Lempuyang Temple located east part of Bali Island, where temples is famous for gate of the temple was beautiful, a distance of about 5 minutes from the car park, When we take pictures on the gate of the temple, it very beautiful there in the local people who will take a picture for us with a we equipped with the glass so like we take picture like in the from of gate is water . Here we also saw the beauty of the mountain great right to be in the middle of the middle of the temple and sunset. While temples lempuyang luhur we have to climb about 2 hours have more than a thousand the stairs and at the moment climbing we can see the monkeys in the area.