Ubud Tour

Ubud Tour Package Itinerary

Ubud Tour package will enjoy the beautiful top destination in Ubud area starting from watching traditional Barong dance Monkey forest and more. This Ubud tour is the most popular tour destination in Bali.

Barong dance is the Balinese traditional dance show in Batu Bulan village Gianyar Regency. We will see the Barong dance the story about the battle of the goodness versus the badness. After show we are aloud to have photograph together with the dancer. We are going to see the Barong dance about 1 hour and continue the next trip Ubud village.

Celuk village is a Balinese village popular because of the gold and silver art by local using traditional method generation to generation. This Celuk village become popular destination in the world. We can see the local how they making the gold and silver art with traditional method at their house. They are always welcome to the visitor who like to ask about their work with traditional method.

Tohpati village is just 5 minute from Celuk village that we can find Balinese batik cloths, the famous Balinese cloths. We can see the local making Batik cloths with traditional method at their house and they are welcoming every visitor. Batik is popular Balinese traditional cloth all around the world. You can buy one directly for your souvenir for friends or family.

The most popular and high end woodcarving you can find in Mas village. Mas village popular because the local has talent on woodcarving about traditional Bali. They have their talent from generation to generation. You can order or find the good woodcarving in Mas Ubud. This Mas village is popular destination in Indonesia and all around the world.

Batuan temple is just about 5 minute from Mas village that we will see the beautiful Batuan temple with its unique Balinese old design and ornament. Batuan temple is take care by local people and has regular big ceremony each year. Batuan temple is one of the beautiful Balinese temple in Bali. We need to see this temple during Ubud tour package

Ubud village is the popular tourist destination because of the culture. We can see some interesting location like Monkey forest. Monkey forest Ubud is reside by some different groups of monkey. To see the monkey forest you need to guide by your guide. Because sometime the monkey grab you. You can feed the monkey during visit this place.

Goa Gajah temple is another beautiful an popular Balinese temple we will visit during our Ubud tour package. Goa Gajah temple is a Balinese temple in the cave with unique Balinese design and ornament. We need to use Balinese cloth to enter the Goa Gajah temple that is provide at the entrance of the temple. We need to see this temple during Ubud tour.

Ubud Tour Duration : 8- 10 Hours

Tour Itinerary :
08.00 – Pick up a the Hotel
09.30 – Barong And Keris Dance
11.00 – Tohpati Village (Batik Worked)
12.30 – Celuk Village (Gold and Silver Smith)
13.00 – Batuan (Painting)
13.45 – Luch Time
14.30 – Kemenuh (Wood Carving)
15.00 – Monkey Forest
16.00 – Elephant Cave
17.30 – Back to the Hotel

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