Amlapura And White Sand Beach

Combination Amlapura And White Sand Beach Tour Package

Rive Terrace Karangasem

Rive Terrace Karangasem

Combination Amlapura And White Sand Beach Tour Package will enjoy the beautiful of Amlapura city, white sand beach Bugbug village and some more interesting destination. This will take bout 8 to 9 hours tour. The rate is include car, patrol and tour driver.

An old Balinese village in Karangasem with its own traditional culture call Tenganan village just about five minutes from Candidasa. We can see the old artistic house design. People are welcome to every tourist come to their village. Tenganan village has unique tradition and busy everyday with their daily unique traditional activities we will see.

Taman Ujung Water palace is located just 5 minutes from Puri Kanginan. Taman Ujung water palace is beautiful destination we can see the old artistric of the water palace was build by Karangasem King in the past. Many people come to have wedding photograph at Taman Ujung water palace. We can see the ocean from the top of Taman Ujung.

Puri Kanginan is a Karangasem king’s house has beautiful construction and history about Karangasem. The house has Balinese old design and old beautiful ornament. Puri Kanginan place located in Karangasem City and become popular destination on east of Bali as many people come every day to see the unique of construction of old Balinese design.

Tirta Gangga is popular Karangasem destination on east of Bali. The natural water palace with old Balinese construction belong the king of Karangasem long time ago. Now the Tirta Gangga water palace become tourist destination. Tirta Gangga has cold water and green beautiful of sightseeing can clear our mind during your holiday in Bali.

Going to Tirta Gangga and we will stop for beautiful rice terrace befor arrive at Tirta Gangga water palace. We can see the amazing rice terrace field with Agung mount background. Also we can see the local farmer in growing rice, we can ask theme how they are growing rice. We are aloud to take phograph with local farmer together at the rice field

Amlapura And White Sand Beach Tour Duration : 8- 9 Hours

Tour Itinerary:
09.00 – Pick up a the Hotel
08.45 – Tenganan Bali Aga Village
10.00 – Taman Ujung (Floating Palace)
10.45 – Puri Agung (King Palace)
11.30 – Tirta Gangga (Water Palace)
12.30 – Rice Terrace
13.00 – Virgin Beach

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