Kintamani Volcano

Kintamani Volcano Tour Package

Kintamani volcano is in Kintamani village midle of Bali. It is about 60 minutes from Candidasa by car. We can see the beautiful Batur mountain is still active volcano. On this Kintamani volcano tour package will see some others interesting destination around trip.

Gunung Kawi Temple is the beautiful Balinese Temple has the old Balinese architecture field by some ornament. This Temple has ceremony every year and take care by local people. To enter the Temple we need to use Balinese cloth that provide at the entrance of the Temple. This is one of the tourist destination need to visit during your holiday in Bali.

Tirta Empul is holy spring water Temple just about 20 minute before Kintamani volcano. We need to use Balinese cloth to enter the Tirta Empul Temple. Balinese believe to get healing body and refresh the mind come to shower at Tirt Empul water spring. Tirta Empul Temple is popular tourist destination need to visit. during holiday in Bali.

Traditional coffe plantation is the next visit during our Kintamani tour package. We will see how the local making the best coffee in Bali. This coffee is the expensive coffe in Bali because it unique method using the animal is call luwak. You can ask the local how to process the luwak coffee in the location during your visit this coffee platantion area.

Kintamani is a beautiful village has an active Batur mount and amazing surrounding area. Fron the top of the Kintamani we can see the smoke of the Batur mount, Batur lake and beautiful sightseeing. The Kintamani’s weather is coldest area in Bali. The local busy with their farm activities everyday such as growing vegtable and fruit.

Penglipuran village has unique culture and beautiful area. This village become tourist destination because of layout and traditional of the village. Many visitor coming to Penglipuran village everyday. If you come to Bali need to visit Penglipuran village. People are friendly and welcome to every tourist coming. You are aloud to take photograph during your visit this Penglipuran village.

Kehen Temple is popular Bali destination because of the beautiful of the Temple. Big temple with old Balinese ornament will give you inspiration of your holiday. Kehen Temple has regular ceremony each year that take care by local people. To enter the temple we need to use Balinese cloth provide at the entrance of the Temple. Kehen Temple can give you life inspiration.

Kintamani Tour Duration : 8- 10 Hours

Tour Itinerary :

09.00 – Pick up a the Hotel
10.30 – Gunung Kawi (Rocky Temple
11.30 – Tirta Empul (Holy Spring Water)
12.30 – Coffe Flantation
13.30 – Mount Batur (Volcano And Lunch Time)
15.00 – Penglipuran
16.00 – Kehen Temple
17.00 – Back to the Hotel

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