Besakih Tour

Besakih Tour Package Itinerary

From Candidasa to the west and north, will see the first Goa Lawah Temple, Kerta Gosa and Besakih Temple is the biggest Balinese Temple in Bali. The last visit will be Putung has amazing sightseeing panorama.

Goa Lawah is a Balinese Temple located in Klungkung Regency. Goa Lawah is reside by thousand of baths on the top of temple. Goa Lawah Temple is one of the biggest 6th Balinese Temple on south Bali. This Goa Lawah Temple has ceremony each year visit by all Hindu people in Bali. Goa Lawah Temple is popular destination for Bali holiday you need to visit during in Bali.

Kerta Gosa park is located in the city of Klungkung has unique relieve picture on the roof of the building. The pictures is explain about what happen when we are died. The good things you done the good things you will get and the bead thing you have done the bad things you will get once you died. Kerta Gosa Park is popular Bali tour destination that you need to visit during your holiday.

Going to Tirta Gangga and we will stop for beautiful rice terrace before arrive at Tirta Gangga water palace. We can see the amazing rice terrace field with Agung mount background. Also we can see the local farmer in growing rice, we can ask theme how they are growing rice. We are aloud to take photograph with local farmer together at the rice field.

Besakih Temple is the biggest Balinese Temple in Bali. We will see the beautiful of the design and ornament. Besakih Temple has biggest ceremony every year and all the Balinese come to pray. To enter the Besakih Temple we need to use Balinese cloth that provide at entrance of the Temple. There is a lot of various temple you can see in Besakih and each temple has their unique story.

Putung is a beautiful village located just about 20 minutes from Besakih Temple. From the top of Putung village we can see the amazing sightseeing of Nusa Lembongan Island and around south Bali. Putung village has friendly people is always welcome if you visit the Putung village. Patung become popular tourist destination because of beautiful panorama, and make sure we do not miss it.

Besakih Tour Duration : 8- 10 Hours

Tour Itinerary :
09.00 – Pick up a the Hotel
09.30 – Goa Lawah (Bat Cave Temple)
11.30 – Kerta Gossa (Royal Justice)
13.00 – Lereng Agung (Lunch Time)
14.30 – Besakih (Mother Temple)
16.00 – Putung (Ocean View)
16.30 – Back to the Hotel

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